“Canticle of the Sun,” by St. Francis of Assisi, and Joseph Smith’s “Olive Leaf”

One of the last things we did at the seminar with Bernard McGinn this past weekend was read through and discuss Saint Francis of Assisi’s poem and religious song Canticle of the Sun. McGinn considers this to be a very mystical text from Francis, as Francis seems to see God powerfully in and throughout the whole of creation, including in the sun, moon, stars, Earth, etc. McGinn noted that it is a kind of nature mysticism. Francis wrote most of it in the year 1224, and the last few lines in 1226 just before his death. Continue reading ““Canticle of the Sun,” by St. Francis of Assisi, and Joseph Smith’s “Olive Leaf””

“Christ Has No Body But Yours,” a Poem

As I was studying the works of St. Teresa of Avila, I came across a poem that is attributed to her, but apparently is not found in her writings. It seems to be a modern pseudepigraph. (Update: the words may have been written by Methodist minister Mark Guy Pearse and Quaker medical missionary Sarah Elizabeth Rowntree. See this blog here.)

Even so, I thought it was exceptionally beautiful. It is called Christ Has No Body. It reminds me of Symeon the New Theologian’s We Awaken in Christ’s Body.

Continue reading ““Christ Has No Body But Yours,” a Poem”