Is Spiritual Purification like Polishing the Tile of the Mind?

I saw a quote on Facebook today:

There is no such thing as “samskaric burdens” except in the imaginings of the mind. When the mind drops away, so does that which imagines itself to be burdened with karma. It is instantaneous. “Cleaning the container” is certainly good for reinforcing the illusion of a more peaceful ego, but it has nothing to do with awakening. You can polish a tile until hell freezes over and you will never turn it into a mirror.

(author unknown)

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Which comes first? Consciousness or Matter?

Walt commented and asked a question on a recent post:

A day or two ago, you stated that consciousness arises in matter of sufficient complexity. If you know Spira, you probably know he asserts something different, which is that matter and mind and everything else rise out of and are ‘made of’ consciousness. Just wondering if you disagree with him there, and if so, why?

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David O. McKay: Meditate to Enter God’s Presence

Fifty years ago in April 1967, David Oman McKay (1873-1970), the ninth president of the LDS Church, gave a talk in the priesthood session of General Conference that was unique. It was entitled “Consciousness of God: Supreme Goal of Life.” At the age of 93, just three years before his passing, President McKay was in deteriorating health, which is why he may have asked his son, Robert R. McKay, to read his talk for him. Continue reading “David O. McKay: Meditate to Enter God’s Presence”