Hellen Keller’s “First Vision” Account

Hellen Keller, the famed author, activist, and lecturer who was deaf and blind from two years old, wrote of her spiritual life in an autobiographical book titled My Religion, also published as Light in My Darkness. It seems that Keller had significant mystical insights into the nature of her being. Reading another mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg, she says that the truths were “to my faculties what light, color and music are to the eye and ear.” Here is one selection from her book: Continue reading “Hellen Keller’s “First Vision” Account”

Increasing Pleasantness “First Vision” Account

Ann Purcell relates the following account:

“During the first few years after I started meditating, the experience of deep silence was absorbing and charming. I would see a dark vastness in front of me. In time this darkness sometimes transformed into a field of brilliant light. The experience was one of increasing pleasantness. I felt anchored to my inner depths, less tossed about by outer changing circumstances. Underlying insecurities started to dissolve, and I felt stronger and more accepting of myself as a person.”

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