The Two Deaths in Mystical Christianity

5 thoughts on “The Two Deaths in Mystical Christianity”

  1. Most true mystics feel that eternal union is assured when you give up self during this lifetime. Sufis say, “to die before one dies.” The Christian mystics call it “death of self.” Kabbalists refer to it as bittul ha-yesh, “annihilation of the desiring self.” Whenever there is no observing “self” then, in transpersonal actuality, there is no “other.” In self-less living, all is experienced as unity in essence.

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    1. Well said, Ron! As you know, the Buddhists call it anatta/anatman, or the realization of “no-self,” the “great death.” Sufis also call it fana, the annihilation of passing away of the “self.” Jung called it “psychic death.” Jesus said you had to “lose your life to find your life,” and to “deny yourself and take up your cross.” The same idea seems to be found in all the major traditions. Even science seems to be recognizing the phenomenon of “ego death” that is transformative in life. When we release our grip on this constructed finite “self” in our minds, then we can expand to include the entire cosmos, perhaps the true Self in God. I wrote about this in a series of posts a while back, concluding with this one:

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  2. I just read your earlier post about ego death. You might say “let the ego go.” My introduction to mysticism was thru Vedanta., so the quote from the Rig Veda is familiar to me.

    A quote from my (free) ebook:
    “True mystics found that as they probed the depths of their inner self, beyond the surface “me,” they gradually became more aware of the spirit in everyone and everything around them. The faint divine light slowly brightened to remove their own interior shadows, then diffused to illuminate and energize all of this life. ‘I’ morphed into ‘we,’ ‘me’ to ‘us’ and ‘my’ to ‘our’ as they awakened to the all-pervading essence of the divine. The cloud of ignorance lifted to reveal they were already “beyond me” every moment. Mundane living became more “alive” than ever before. Infinite existence is here…eternal life is now. In that awareness, past and future lose their significance.”

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