“What is the point of it all?”

5 thoughts on ““What is the point of it all?””

  1. Thanks Bryce. “The point of a rose is to be a rose”. I think that captures it. While there may be some ultimate meanings out there, we are finite and at least in my case, I know the infinite by its questions but not by its answers. The point of a human is to be a human. We have learned a lot about what is a good human life. Over the millennia, we have fashioned the three transcendental ideals: truth, beauty, and goodness. See link below:
    A human life is lived well if it is lived in pursuit of these ideals. We have found that these are innate to our strivings and satisfactions. I don’t mean to suggest that this is the only map of human purpose, but it is one that I most often refer to.

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    1. Hi Amy. I think that humans can *find* unique purposes and meaning in their life, they can create purpose. But I don’t think they are predestined for those purposes, that there are some pre-set purposes for each human to accomplish. I think that may be for each of us to develop what our unique talents and gifts are to share with the world.

      I think the trouble we often get into is thinking that there is some ultimate purpose that we’re missing beyond life and love itself. I don’t think there is. If there is any purpose it may be to realize this: life and love is what we are. The greatest mystics seem to have all come to a similar realization that we *are* Life and Love (or said another way, Consciousness in union as One), that this is our divine nature, and there are many ways we can find to live and love as fully and abundantly as possible (John 10:10).

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      1. Love your answer. I’ve felt I have the whole world before me to discover and play in and find what makes my heart sing and do it. That’s so freeing than thinking you’ve got to find something someone else decrees is your destiny. Too much pressure and fear in that. To realize that “life and love are what we are” is just beautiful! Thanks, as always, for your wisdom. 🙏

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