Reconstructing Mormonism’s “Holy Ghost”

6 thoughts on “Reconstructing Mormonism’s “Holy Ghost””

  1. I like your interpretation of all 3 members of the Godhead. As a former catholic and current Mormon a I appreciate your perspective. It is more of a mystery than absolute concrete knowledge.
    I gave a talk in church a few years ago and explained that within each living person is the Light of Christ represented as a magnet. The Holy Ghost was the corresponding magnet that could bind w our internal magnet and generate heat or awakening or awareness. I agree that it could be an energy source or life source.
    There is so much we do not understand and it’s wonderful to contemplate it all.
    Thank you

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  2. Yeah, boy, Bryce. You describe things so much more eloquently than I do, with the etymological support, etc. Yet, it’s like I’m getting the same things in different words. Accessing that oneness, that love, that binding force that animates all things, at the expense of the ego, is the path to eternal life. Once again, the ego stands in the way of “living fully” what we are naturally. When I read what you write, I almost always perceive confirmation of things that I’ve been taught in different way, different words, but ultimately the same concepts, the same truth. I share these confirmations with you because I figure you feel like I do, that we’re on the fringe, and it’s nice to feel united and that others are receiving common things.

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    1. Thank you, Scott. Yes, the specific words we use are largely beside the point. Many different words can point to similar or the very same thing, as languages clearly show. All truth eventually leads to One ineffable Truth, a Truth that cannot be put into any words, any concepts. Thank you for sharing your confirmations. It is good to be of one heart and one mind with others.


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