Reconstructing Mormonism’s and Christianity’s Jesus/Christ

6 thoughts on “Reconstructing Mormonism’s and Christianity’s Jesus/Christ”

  1. Bryce, I am deeply grateful for this series of posts, particularly this one. All I can do is sit here thinking “Wow!” It resonates so deeply yet so simply. The ego makes “salvation” and “eternal life” so divisive, ridiculously complicated, and impossible save for the super achievers. Your explanations were so full of depth, simplicity, and pure love. It just fills me with light. Thank you….truly, thank you.

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    1. Amy, thank you for your very kind words. I’m happy to know this means so much to you. It makes it all worth it for me. It *is* so simple, and it is that simplicity that veils it. Of course, don’t take my word for it. Be sure to find out for yourself if what I’m saying is good and right. Realize it in yourself. That is the greatest blessing in Life, to know your Life, to know “Christ” in you.

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      1. For over 4 years I have been waiting for and expecting my own “First Vision” mystical experience, but it has not come. Everything you say makes sense to my soul, I eat it up! It’s like a quenching of my thirst, and yet I am aware I lack the actual experience of knowing for myself. I realize that can’t be manipulated in any way. I do try to meditate and remain open and forgive often. Could it be that someone like me, who sincerely desires the experience outside of ego may just have to be content to wait for it to happen at death?

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      2. Keep feasting on good words and it will come. One day it will open up as a simple and beautiful and peaceful Grace, a Peace which surpasses all understanding. You will simply know, and you won’t know how you know what you know. You won’t even know exactly “what” you know, just that you know, and this will be a Comfort to your soul. As I learn and experience more, I tend to think that radical mystical experiences may not happen to everyone, although that might change as we understand this consciousness better. Personally, I have never “seen a Light” visually, although I have had tremendous Illuminations of mind and heart. I think these “Illuminations” of consciousness can happen in a variety of ways, some more gradual than others, some more visual than others. Waiting and hoping and trusting and continually praying/meditating, doing good works in love, emptying yourself in Love, these are what make up faith. It will happen, if not during life, then as death comes near. You will know.

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