A Radical Reconstruction of the Mormon Narrative (and Christianity)

6 thoughts on “A Radical Reconstruction of the Mormon Narrative (and Christianity)”

  1. This post is timeless. It brings me closer to God, continuing to assure me that God never forsakes us. It is just that we never dare to explore God through our human ways and get to experience God in unexpected, uplifting ways. Our encounters with God can be quite individualized but after all, when we listen to various individual accounts of God, we become a collective stream to light up the world with God’s love. Last but not least, you remind me to appreciate every religion or faith I have come across throughout my lifetime. Every single one of them has changed me in a positive way. I am grateful indeed:) Praise God ❤

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    1. Thank you Ooi Zao May. Yes, God never forsakes us. Every word is fulfilled, just perhaps not in the way we typically think. Continual reinterpretation, reevaluation, deconstruction and reconstruction of our ideas is needed if we are to stay aligned with the truth of reality. No one ever has the last word. This seems to be the nature of language, thought, reality, and God.

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