Is the Universe Made of Consciousness?

4 thoughts on “Is the Universe Made of Consciousness?”

  1. This is mind-blowing to my little self, yet I have a faith it is true. I’ve just yet to experience that. Trying to stay open to that. You have an incredible way of explaining these things. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. I also sometimes wish I could reside there, but then I realize that life occurs here, in this plane of subject/object, and that really I’m always “there” even if I’m not aware of it. “There” is everywhere. It’s enough for me to be often reminded of it in my daily meditation, and occasional retreat, where I can commune with it and in it directly. Perhaps at some point we’ll be able to operate in daily life in both planes at once, or be continually aware of both, which is where I think the sages may truly reside.

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