Ego Transcendence in Secular Science

2 thoughts on “Ego Transcendence in Secular Science”

  1. Awesome posts! You seem to be articulating in much more detail the ideas that I’ve been pondering the last few years. I don’t hear them in church often if at all. But in the circle of friends I’ve made in AA, these concepts are spoken at meetings and among individuals often. Bill Wilson was very devoted to self-discovery as a tool for overcoming his addiction to alcohol and he gave us an enormous amount of guidance in our own inner journey. I’m currently involved with a group of men in recovery who are studying A Course In Miracles. I’m curious what your experience has been with that particular structure. Also, your development of the Adam and Eve allegory and in particular their “fall” as being an ego process by which they (and now we) begin to consider ourselves separate from God, is very consistent with what I’m currently learning. This is the point my AA mentor makes over and over. Thank you for sharing these insights. Robb

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    1. Thanks Robb! I appreciate that. Bill Wilson has a very interesting story, which shows just how profoundly transformative these changes in consciousness can be in people’s lives. I wrote about his “First Vision” experiences here:

      I have not yet closely studied A Course In Miracles, but I know that it has been very meaningful to many people. It seems to me that it may have been written in a manner very much like the Book of Mormon, in a transcendent or meditative state of consciousness. I think Joseph Smith and Helen Schucman, as well as others, were transcending their normal operating modes of consciousness in order to write these spiritual texts (Joseph using a seer stone to facilitate that shift of consciousness), to a much deeper spiritual state of consciousness, even “divine consciousness,” and from that state of consciousness their intuitions and ideas flowed freely from a different part of their minds. This is sometimes called automatic writing, or psychography, and is just now starting to be taken seriously by researchers such as neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg. I think we will learn much more about these enlightening states of consciousness in the days to come.

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