AA Co-Founder Bill Wilson’s “First Vision” Account

2 thoughts on “AA Co-Founder Bill Wilson’s “First Vision” Account”

  1. Just a short note to tell you that I am delighted and surprised to see many of my own ideas about “First Visions” laid out in such a detailed and succinct way. I have always felt that my FV experience at age 20 was similar to JS, and because mine proceeded out of suffering, much like I would later learn about Bill Wilson – as a recovered alcoholic inside the program of Alcoholics Anonymous – I was even more struck by the idea that; perhaps there were more such experiences right under my nose. To add to your list of similarities, remember that Joseph told his father about the vision, much like Bill Wilson told Dr. Silkworth, and BOTH recipients of the news declared it to be of divine origin. And much the way JS had the feeling that his experince would be shared. so too did Bill Wilson react after his Awakening. Bill had the feeling that the “drink problem was removed” and then he considered: “how many other alcoholics are there out there that need this?” His thoughts seem to have been, “If God did this for me, He would do it for anyone who desired it.
    A final, and more tenuous connection is, of course, the Book that always seems to follow these “satori”. Although “100 Alcoholics” are credited with the writing and publication of “Alcoholics Anonymous” – the text from which the fellowship got its name – Bill wrote nearly all of it himself. He recounts that in writing the manuscript of the “Big Book”, as it is known, as well as the later “12 Steps and 12 Traditions”, his pen seemed to flow across the paper as if guided by the unseen hand of God.
    Great stuff Bryce!
    Robb R.


    1. Great thoughts, Robb! Thank you for sharing. Yes, those are all similar connections. I think there are over 20 “First Vision” accounts on the website now, so feel free to browse through them. Many connections, many similarities. This happens much more often than we think. If you feel comfortable sharing your FV experience, please feel free to submit it for inclusion in the site. See: https://thymindoman.com/2017/04/19/submit-a-first-vision-account-for-thymindoman-com/


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