The Greatest Commandments are One

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Commandments are One”

  1. Interesting take on those verses, I haven’t considered that before. I’m trying to be more mindful about my self worth, the Lord’s love for me, and especially learning how to better love myself. We are often our own harshest critics–which certainly affects the way we live life and how we treat others. Our inadequacies and inclination to feel that we’re not good enough can be crippling to our spiritual progression.


    1. Interesting, isn’t it. When we learn how to put off the natural man (the carnal mind, the constructed false self), it seems that love for oneself and others flows naturally. Love abounds! The inner critic is just another facet of the natural man/carnal mind/constructed self. It is the “tempter” that tells us we aren’t good enough, or that we are worthless, and which causes us to feel sorry for ourselves and impotent in doing good in the world. When we put off that mind, when we still and quiet the mind and focus on our present experience, the criticism stops, the judgments slow and then fall away completely. We then bathe in a profound love that seems to naturally emanate from us towards others. We clearly see the inherent divine worth in every individual, including ourselves.


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